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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Experiencing Life Through a Lens...

...I'd have it no other way.

Studying and working in the interior design field, helped to hone my sense of style, design, creativity, and beauty.  While creating stunning spaces was enjoyable, it also somehow felt empty.  I didn't want to work with the inanimate.  I was supremely more interested in the people residing within the homes that I was working on.  I decided that I wanted to beautify life - to record memories along the road of life.

I want to capture life's most joyous moments.  I want to hear people's stories.  I want to be involved in the movement of people's reality - a transforming and amazing journey.  

(photo by vintage view studio - Kara Mercer)

I know all too well how hectic and wonderful life can be.

Just recently I married and moved to Oklahoma City from Houston, Texas.  A week after our wedding my husband and I added a puppy to our small family.  Anytime I can make it back to Houston, I do.  I have a horse there, who I miss dearly.  I love riding.  While contemplating a move out of our current apartment to a house, I am working on building up my photography portfolio, and looking forward to a honeymoon in Hawaii.

It's been a crazy, amazing few months.

I'm so happy that my recent memorable moments have been captured so beautifully.  For instance, I will treasure my wedding photos for years and years to come, but more importantly, those pictures will bring all the reality and emotions of that special day rushing back to me.

I never have to forget...I can experience the same joy, and laughter throughout the years.

All of these photos were taken by Kara Mercer of Vintage View Studios.  She is amazing! Her work, love of life, and general enthusiasm inspired me to strike out on my own - to embrace a "job" that incorporates friendships, laughter, freedom, individuality, transformation, and expansion.

Here's to a new day - a new angle - down this road.
It's just the beginning.

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